Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Secret Outlast Completely Clean

I have been trying out Secret Outlast Completely Clear for a few weeks now, and really like it!

I put it to the test last week with my busiest day since switching to Secret Outlast.

My day started off by getting my 18 month old baby girl ready for school-which has become a challenge since she thinks running from me while I try and get her dressed is a game. We got to my work earlier than I could drop her off because I knew I had a lot to do. While she played in my office I got a little work done before I had to go drop her at her Preschool. After dropping her off, I had to head to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. After that, I proceeded to lead an advanced tap dance group for an hour. They always joke about how hard I work them, but they are not the only ones that walk away sweating! After that, I returned to work to try and get a few more things set up for the Veteran's Day Concert that evening. I was moving chairs, getting things set up, going back and forth between the choir room and Sanctuary. After I got everything set up, I had a rehearsal with my friend, Kim for a duet we are playing on bells in a few weeks. After that, I had to go pick up my daughter and send her home with Kim. After our rehearsal, I had about an hour before I started teaching piano. I taught piano from 4-6:50pm, when I rushed down to the Sanctuary for the 7pm concert! Sang in the concert, got my baby girl and went home.

Even after everything that I did that day, I still felt fresh and clean! I still don't think it will last for 48 hours after a day like that, but it worked when I needed it to.

Thanks to BzzAgent and Secret for letting me try out the Secret Outlast completely clear ddeodorant I was already a long time Secret user, but I may have found a new Deodorant!

Monday, November 17, 2014

SleepIQ Mission from Smiley 360

I went to try out a sleep number store and the Sleep IQ today. I walked into the store and was immediately greeted by Ed! I told him that I was there on the Sleep IQ Mission through Smiley360 and handed him my card. He asked me if I would like to try out a bed and find out more about that before I learned about the Sleep IQ. I tried out the P5 bed. He started at sleep number 100 and took it all the way down. He explained that the air moves from the areas that it is not needed to fill in the areas that need to be supported causing the bed to conform to your individual shape.

We tested it out and I felt very comfortable at a sleep number of 35. He then showed me a picture of the pressure points at a 100 and then again at a 35. What a drastic change! I felt so comfortable!

Then after trying out the bed, he proceeded to show me the Sleep IQ. He pulled out his ipad and showed me what the app could do. He said that you could input things such as when you ate dinner, if you excerciezed that day and anything else that may affect your sleep. you could look at one night, a week or a month to see how much good sleep you are getting. He even said that the Sleep IQ could suggest a different sleep number if you are not sleeping as well at the current number.

The Sleep IQ is available with all of thier beds, but you can get it without as well. Beds range in price from $1300 and up.

I wish I had know this when we bought a bed a few years ago. I was pregnant and not comfortable on our other bed, so we ended up buying a new bed that cost almost the same, but is not as versatile as the Sleep Number Bed.

We will consider Sleep Number next time we choose a new bed!

As a part of this Mission from Smiley 360, I will receive a free pillow in the mail. This review is my honest experience with my trip to the Sleep Number Store.