Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nieces Birthday Card

Back in April, my absoulutely adorable niece Logan had a birthday. She is the only niece I have, and unfortunaetly she lives halfway accross the country. Since I did not know what she might want for her birthday, I decided to send money (even though I wanted to send something more personal.) So I decided that I would make her the best birthday card I could imagine!

She was having a birthday party on an aquarium boat (whatever that is) so I went for an ocean theme. After 4 hours of searching for the perfect stickers, paper and ideas (Michaels, Jo Ann's, Hobby Lobby, then back to Jo Ann's and Michaels!) I came home and spent aother few hours making the card.

I found this great bubble hologram paper at Hobby Lobby, most of the stickers at Jo Ann's and the pearls for the bubbles at Michaels. I used design studio to create the bubbles, then went back and outlined them and added the letters with a cricut marker. I made a pop-up, because I though it would be more fun and allow more stickers :)

A few days later when I got a text with her holding the card saying, "Thanks for the awesome card. I Luv it!" it was all worthwhile!

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